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Primary Notes
Data science based market research marketers and teams

Analytical Lift for Genius Marketers

We are a Washington DC based digital analytics studio delivering market intel to forward leaning firms.

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What We Do

We answer important questions with data, crowd-sourcing, and analytics.

Each customer call or email, online review, chat, like, and mention - holds the truth about what your customers think about you, your brand, product, competitors.

Our primary research methods of social listening, crowd-sourcing and data visualization help you take advantage of the moment and find opportunity in complexity.

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Our Work

Working across key industries, we help leaders make better decisions to drive results.

Our clients include marketers, for and not-for profits, creative agencies, entrepreneurs and advocacy organizations.

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Who We Are

With origins in global health and disaster assistance, we thrive on big challenges.

Our multidisciplinary team and agile and ethical approach to data science incorporates human centered design, social sciences research, demography and interactive design.

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“ Clients

“We’re a team of writers and creatives, not analytics pros. Yet, we know the value data plays in supporting and enhancing our work.

We partner with Primary Notes to boost our creative insights through real-world data, and to improve our overall game. That’s what they do for us, time and time again.

— Tanj Branding CEO


Analytics that drive results

We helped a top tier luxury hybrid car manufacturer respond to a reduction in sales due to negative expert reviews. They needed new insights to respond quickly.

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