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On-Demand Analytical Help for Modern Leaders


A new way to think about data science consulting and outsourcing.


How we work

We work with your team to realize the value in your data, quickly.


1.  You get a team of experts including a data scientist, analytics translator, data analyst, and a data visualization analyst. All with industry experience and a powerful team dynamic.


2. We work with you every day to develop analytical strategies and apply advanced analytics to support your decision making. We’re always a chat, email and call away.

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3. Our price, capability and speed of implementation are real benefits to our approach. We use powerful yet lightweight tools and techniques that deliver quickly.

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Core Services

Our capabilities are focused on creating value because organizations that successfully generate business value from their data, will outperform their peers.


Advanced Analytics

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Data Visualization

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On Call Analytics


Client Spotlight - Customer Insights


Lux Car Co.

How can social media conversations be used to gain a competitive advantage in the highly competitive luxury hybrid car market?

Learn how we text mined social media conversations to understand customer sentiment, drive targeted marketing and improve product design for a luxury car manufacturer.

Analytics: Text Mining, Cluster Analysis, Topic Modeling

Read the full case study here.


Our Markets

We stay true to our roots in these four markets.



Revealing customer insights and growth strategies, understanding market dynamics and competitor behavior and mining social media sentiment are at the core of our Marketing Analytics practice. We take a no-holds-barred approach to identifying and understanding the levers of growth.


Our Healthcare Analytics practice focuses on offering insights into hospital management, patient records, costs, diagnoses, and more. We help managers and clinicians operate better by providing real-time information that can support decisions and drive improved health outcomes and control costs.

Supply Chain

Complex and dynamic, supply chains offer significant opportunities for overall performance management, root cause analysis, operational optimization, cost reduction and improved service levels. Our rigorous approaches to supply chain analytics ensure that your team can deliver the right products to the right place at the right time.


Readers are more savvy than ever and publications need to respond to overwhelming reader demand for data driven visualizations. We can work with your writers, editors and data journalists to develop stories and integrate data driven insights and superior data visualizations that will keep readers informed and engaged.