Why Primary Notes

Let’s move your mission forward

Primary Notes was founded to help teams become more data driven by allowing them to focus on the decision making while outsourcing the analytics and visualization. Whether you’re a seasoned team of data “nerds” that needs additional analytical horsepower or new to analytics and just want some help in finding your way, we’ve got a way to help.

Our vision was born of 15 years in analytics working for big box consulting firms, in-house teams, little and big government and as the client and seeing where there was room for improvement. From the ground up we designed Primary Notes to maintain a focus on delivering information and insights that leaders and teams need to move their missions forward.


How we do it

  1. We have amazing talent.

    Innovative thinkers come from the arts and sciences and we work to balance our teams. The great innovators of our digital age, including Steve Jobs, sit at the edge between humanities and science. They have divergent thinking, insatiable curiosity, infectious passion and the stamina to power through failure to success. Our recruiting process identifies candidates that embody this ethos.

  2. We work as a team.

    The history of innovation shows that real breakthroughs come when people work as a team. You won’t get any lone consultants with Primary Notes. All of your work will be discussed, cleaned, analyzed, tested and visualized with a team of expert and passionate people.

  3. Our focus is on answers and value from data, not systems.

    We zero in on your most pressing issues and develop a strategy for getting answers quickly. Our use of powerful yet lightweight tools and techniques means we get right to work.

  4. We bring creative solutions using the latest techniques and approaches.

    Blending art and science is where analytical magic is born and we emphasize creative problem solving and efficiency in our work. We help you understand the myriad approaches one can take to solve problems and answer questions and are always ready to pivot when something is not working as planned.

  5. We scale as needed (up or down).

    Your team’s capabilities can grow and change as your needs change. Need some additional support to your in house analytics team or want to give some predictive modeling a try? Have a large annual report to produce and need to meet a tight deadline? We can help with all of these situations.

  6. We are present and flexible.

    In a world of ever increasing options for communicating, we’re available any way you need whether that’s by good old telephone, Skype, chat, Slack, Google Hangouts, video conference or other. For us, communication with you is a key element of our success so we want to make it easy, convenient and as often as you like.

    We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your challenges and how we may be able to help.


Let’s talk.