Primary Notes
Primary Notes
Data science based market research marketers and teams

Our Mission

We help marketers do well and good with the power of data and analytics.

We work with spirited organizations with big goals and can-do-it attitude.

With 90% of the worlds data being created in the last two years, marketers need to find ways to leverage this resource to improve products and services and connections with customers.


 Our Process

Agile analytics for modern marketing.

Our process is an Agile Analytics methodology that’s tailored for data science and management consulting.

We iterate on problems quickly, focusing on the most promising solutions while discarding the rest.


Our Agile Process


1/ Brief - Dive deep with you to understand your context and goals and translate your business questions to analytical questions.  

2/ Discover - Identify and test the data sources!

3/ Process - Clean, organize and prepare the data (aka ETL).

4/ Explore - Get familiar with the data, detect anomalies, trends and its capacity to answer our questions.

5/ Discuss - Report back. Share preliminary insights, get your feedback.

6/ Model - Interrogate the data, manipulate, augment, test and visualize.

7/ Present - We present back to you. We share each data story through clear data visualizations.

8/ Decide - Together, we identify the most relevant findings and support you in developing additional sprint and actionable plans.

Our Story

Championing analytical innovation.

With origins in disaster assistance, global health and management consulting, we are a multi-disciplinary team that is energized by doing great work, pushing the limits of what can be done with data, analytics and visualization.

Our project teams consist of elite data scientists, analysts and researchers with diverse backgrounds professionally academically.

Quick Facts:

  • Washington DC based

  • Five decades of data analytics and research experience

  • 4 team members strong

  • Expansive network of experts in analytics, social sciences, engineering and design

  • 200 + sprints

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Our Team

Multidisciplinary. Expert. Creative.

We are multidisciplinary. We know that better results are achieved when many viewpoints and expertise are represented on the team.

We have degrees ranging from MAs to PhDs in fields such as statistics, physics, business, social sciences, demography, GIS mapping, art and design. We love to learn and use what we know.

We are global, with team members in the USA, Europe and Asia. 

We are personable, professional and always put client’s interests first.



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