Planes vs. Trains

Adapted from the article and data set used here, we wanted to offer our perspective on Planes vs. Trains - Cost and Speed analysis. The article offers a perspective on the total costs and benefits of both modes of travel.

While we like their more in depth analysis, especially the review of the CO2 emissions as part of the total cost, we believe that the core of the argument for most travelers comes down to convenience (speed) and price.

We’ve plotted the cost of 6 highly traveled routes in western Europe, with ticket costs for each week of 6 weeks leading to the departure date. We chose to show an average of the 6 trips so we can make an overall judgement on price and trip duration.

On trip duration, even if we were to add an hour or two, we would still be well ahead of the train for a relatively small incremental higher cost.

What do you think? When given the choice, what are your priorities?

Bon Voyage!

Planes and Trains.JPG