Our Work / Financial Institution


Analytics that position

A prominent financial institution wanted to enter the market of high-net worth credit cards. For the brand, they needed to gauge public sentiment on their competitors, strategically position themselves in a crowded market, differentiate their offering in a meaningful way and gain an edge in receiving high reviews from powerful websites like Dough Roller, Credit Donkey and The Points Guy.

Insight & Impact

With our insights, the marketers were able to:  

  • determine how their strongest competitors in the marketplace connect with their fans

  • identify that language used , topics of interest, and deep motivations of their target audience

  • identify which credit card review websites were most important to target, anticipate how they would review their new product and update their messaging to maximize impact

  • identify the linguistic “white space” available for the marketing team to leverage to differentiate their offering and connect with audiences.

The impact was a data driven and well crafted marketing and communications strategy designed to appeal to a highly sought after demographic and a crowded market place.