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Analytics that clarify

Our client, a NYC based global branding agency, was creating an ebook that detailed the social media posting habits a prominent influencer.

We were brought in to provide text analytics that drove the narrative and bolstered the creative insights.

Insight & Impact

Using an archive of all tweets from these influencers, we were able to identify:  

  • patterns in frequency, time and emotion of when they posted

  • the topics that elicited the greatest and least engagement

  • the people, places and businesses they tweet about, in what context and with what kind of emotion

  • articulate their “text signature” - i.e. the words most commonly associated with that author

  • key terms and topics over time; correlate them to noteworthy events

  • general and specific sentiment for individual topics and people over time

The impact was a data-driven creative guide for marketers to learn from, be entertained and put into practice.