Our Work / Political Campaign


Analytics that connect

Our client, a candidate for a prominent State Delegate seat, needed to gauge public sentiment on key issues, improve messaging, and optimize the team’s resources for going door-to-door.

In our analysis we analyzed voter records, local news stories, public list-serves, social media, surveys and maps.

Insight & Impact

With our insights, the candidate was able to:  

  • better respond to public sentiment on key issues, prepare more detailed responses and make positioning decisions that accurately reflect public opinion

  • speak to specific topics of concern within sub-communities (e.g. the elderly and LGBTQ)

  • craft messages that are were highly likely to resonate in particular neighborhoods

  • optimize the canvassing team’s routes by crafting a field strategy that was based on geospatial mapping of people most likely to vote for the candidate.

The impact was a more on-message candidate that knew issues specific to sectors of the electorate and stronger field operations. The result was an outstanding performance and significant portion of the vote for this first time candidate.