Data Journalism

Boost your capacity and captivate readers with data driven content and beautiful visualizations.

At its core, data science analytics has the power to find truth, validate assumptions and present compelling stories. Our practice supports journalists, publications and other media that are looking for expertise in conducting research, analysis and developing compelling and clear visualizations. We deploy a full range of capabilities including social media analytics, text mining, descriptive & predictive analytics, interactive dashboard development and data storytelling to ensure our clients can offer the high quality content and data visualizations that today’s readers expect.


Research and Validation

Go beyond the ordinary in your reporting by integrating deep insights and observations to your stories.

Publications that are capable of harnessing the power in the flood of data that is available today are leading in readership and gaining a competitive edge on their rivals.

Our Journalism Research Team will enable you to tell data driven stories, connect with readers and build an audience.

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Data Visualization

High quality data visualizations inform and entertain by quickly connecting with readers to deepen a story’s impact,

Using analytics to identify and validate stories, assumptions and bolster positions is an incredibly powerful tool in journalism. This has been demonstrated by the increased popularity of news sites like Nate Silver’s Fiver Thirty Eight, The Guardian’s Data Blog and of course, USA Today.

We can support your publication in the development of data visualizations that significantly improve your reader’s experience.


On Call Expertise

Your highly curious editorial team will no doubt be asking more and more questions based on the answers we mine. To keep the positive loop going we’ve built in a robust ad hoc analytics and reporting capability. We can help in framing your questions, collecting the data, performing the analysis, testing the answers and creating data visualizations that focus on knowing what matters.

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