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Analytics that drive creative

How do you name an enterprise communications platform that is designed to compete with Slack and other major collaboration and work platforms? 

Our team was brought on by this client’s Agency to conduct a competitive landscape, messaging and social media analysis.

Insight & Impact

We learned some key things that drove the messaging and branding strategy that ultimately won the client’s approval including: 

  • the most successful brands use and tout their own language - unique keywords, names and product attributes. We identified the ones that matter most.

  • enterprise vs. consumer approaches differed significantly. We helped them hone in on an improved approach.

  • identifying the topics and keywords that engage most.

  • identifying who was engaging, what common interests they have and how they felt about the competitors.

  • tested the proposed names, messages and keywords across the competitive landscape to identify the “white space” that showed greatest promise.

The result was a data driven creative process that produced vibrant and viable names that the marketing team could use in launching this new communications platform.