Our Work / Luxury Vehicle Manufacturer


Analytics that drive strategy

We helped a top tier luxury hybrid car manufacturer respond to a reduction in sales due to several negative reviews they received in the media. They needed new insights to respond quickly.

Working with their marketing team, we focused on answering several key questions about customer preferences and competitor positioning.

Insight & Impact

After analyzing tens of thousands of tweets and web-scraping hundreds of expert review websites we learned:

  • power and performance was what their audience really focused on - not design and service as they had previously thought and been marketing to.

  • the handful of negative reviews were severely impacting sales. To combat this we predicted which key publications and writers they should align with for future reviews and content marketing and armed them with the approach to win them over.

  • their more successful competitors engaged in an entirely different way than they were doing with better results. We identified psychogrphic metrics that would matter most to their target audience and tested and optimized new messaging.

  • which topics and terms were most important to their audiences which lead to significantly more engagement on social media.

With a new arrow in their marketing research quiver, the team set out on a new way to formulate marketing strategies and combat competitive pressures.

Read the full case study here.