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Analytics that drive strategy


Lux Car Co. operates in the highly-competitive and dynamic market space of luxury electric hybrid vehicles.  They make ultra-luxury sedans with a design pedigree for high net-worth clients.

The Problem

Despite the car’s lineage, their recently released vehicle received a few negative reviews by popular car and business websites. These reviews were casting a cloud over the brand and vehicle which was impacting sales. The marketing team needed to address the issue to counter the perception of the vehicle, based on these negative reviews.  

Our Approach

Lux Car Co’s marketing team didn’t have data or a defined way to answer these questions so they worked with Primary Notes to develop a data-science analytics approach. We began by defining the key questions we were solving by identifying structured and unstructured data sources to support multiple analytical efforts.

Lux Car Co’s team had never taken a data-science analytics approach so this would be a trial. Considering the alternatives of pricey focus groups and large consulting engagements with subjective results, the prospects of understanding influencer sentiment and competitor behavior through publicly available data was exciting to them.

Our team set out to help by further refining the core questions, finding appropriate data sources and mining insights through multiple analysis including:

  • Expert Reviews Analysis – Because online expert reviews are the most significant factor in a car buying decision, it was critical for their marketing research team to better understand what influential experts liked and disliked and how they ranked from positive to negative. This analysis included text mining, sentiment analysis and cluster analysis.

  • Competitor Social Media Analysis – This competitive market requires Lux Car Co. to have more than a superficial understanding of how competing brands position themselves, engage with their supporters and understand what their supporters are saying.  This analysis included analyzing more than 30,000 social media posts for content, engagement, sentiment and topic.

  • Messaging Alignment Analysis – Knowing what matters to customers and then ensuring that content is integrated into your messaging is important for all marketers - and Karma Auto is no different. We used our text corpus of social media posts, expert reviews and other online media to compare Karma’s messaging with those preferences expressed by expert reviewers and other online influencers.   

  • In addition, we believed that Lux Car Co. needed to integrate data and analytics into their everyday marketing and research efforts to maximize the impact of their marketing spend. To that end, we outlined a strategy that would support their ongoing marketing operations goals and ensure a constant stream of insights in this highly-dynamic market.

The Results

Relying on our iterative process that maintains a focus on the business goals, we developed several important insights. They included:

Identifying the vehicle attributes seen as positive, neutral and negative by expert reviewers and enthusiasts.

  • Identifying the expert reviewers that are likely supporters of Lux Car Co’s upcoming vehicles, thus, giving them a strategy for releasing subsequent cars only to reviewers that are most likely to give positive reviews. They now have a map of the reviewer preferences they can use to control their messaging.

  • Clarity on Lux Car Co’s reviews compared to their direct competition (rank order based on publication and reviewer) including which attributes they score higher on vs. the competition.

  • Evidence showing that current marketing messaging was not always aligned with attributes that ranked most important with influencers and fans.  

  • Evidence that the team was not maximizing the use of language and topics that garnered the most engagement in their social media feeds.

  • Insight into what tactics and strategies their competitors were using in social media and the impact.

  • And many more.

Primary Notes, along with Lux Car Co’s Marketing Research team, accomplished several important business and marketing objectives. These included bringing the company’s marketing team closer to their customers, ensuring that marketing messages were aligned with what works and developing an analytical process to regularly identify trends and change in sentiment among influencers.

For Lux Car Co. this was also a success in validating that powerful insights could be gained using data-science analytics with publicly available data - in relatively short period of time - with no infrastructure or new staffing investments.

Lux Car Co’s Marketing team is now implementing a regular cycle of data-science analytics to support marketing insights and decision making.