Marketing Insights

Extraordinary insights to spur innovation and growth.

To earn exceptional returns in today’s marketplace, companies must understand and connect with customers and quickly respond market dynamics. Our Marketing Insights Team is made up of experts that can answer hard questions using a broad range of analytical capabilities that deliver real insights about what matters most.


Customer Insights

Knowing customer preferences, attitudes and behaviors unlocks opportunities to connect and deliver messages and products that meet their needs and desires. We’ll work with structured and unstructured data to answer key questions about customer preferences and behaviors using natural language processing, data and text mining and information retrieval techniques for maximum insight.


Social Sensing

Going well beyond the metrics tracked by social media platforms, we offer deep insights into competitor behavior and strategy, customer and influencer sentiment and term or topic engagement that assures that your team knows what’s happening and what works. We can also micro-segment consumers which can then be reached through targeted campaigns.


Customer Acquisition

Whether launching a new product, moving into a new market or addressing a threat from a key competitor, our data science driven marketing customer acquisition capabilities will help.

We will develop custom uplift models to help you tailor your message, understand the impact of your spend and marketing mix. This approach has proven superior to traditional ROI measurement techniques.


On Call Expertise

Competitive pressures, changes in consumer preference and social media creates and endless stream of questions about how you should position your product or service. To help with this we offer unlimited ad hoc analysis and reporting. We can help in framing your questions, collecting the data, performing the analysis, testing the answers and creating data visualizations that focus on knowing what matters.

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