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Demographic Studies to support Improved Planning

School Enrollment Forecasting

Our approach to school enrollment forecasts focuses on telling the story of your students and community. We use classical techniques (such as cohort survival method and GIS mapping to the school level), and extensive data gathering methods including planned residential developments, and population and migration data.

We also analyze online conversations about your school district and individual schools to create additional insights into how people feel about it, whether that has changed over time. This serves as a “desirability” proxy in many cases and supports the story behind the forecast.


Demographic Studies

Gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of a target population's characteristics for many purposes, including policy development and market research. For example, a company that sells high-end RVs wants to know roughly how many people are at or nearing retirement age and what percentage are able to afford the product.

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On Call Expertise

Changes in populations, shrinking budgets, competing priorities create and endless stream of questions for school administrators. To help answer these questions we offer ad hoc analysis and reporting. We will help in frame your questions, collect the data, perform the analysis, test our results and create data visualizations that focus answering your questions and sharing them with your stakeholders.

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