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Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly.

- Aldous Huxley

With 90% of the world’s data being created in the last two years, and 85% of it being unstructured (e.g. social media conversations, websites, etc..) the opportunity for social research and data driven decisions has never been greater.


Our Services

Helping organizations take advantage of today’s data explosion.

Gain a greater understanding of your business and maximize data to your strategic advantage—to guide decisions, drive new sales, and reach your stretch goals.


Digital Analytics

We leverage the world’s data, crowdsourcing, analytics and visual storytelling to help marketers connect, test and fly.

Chats, tweets, emails, comments, conversations, all sentences, all words. All organizations and people are creating and sharing a wake of digital information that can be leveraged to understand customer and audience needs, expectations and opinions.


What is digital analytics for marketing?

It is the collection, monitoring and analysis of the world’s data to understand your customers, brand, market, and competition.

What are the benefits?

  • Quickly identify customer happiness and frustration.

  • Design, test and measure the impact of your messaging.

  • Identify the topics that are important to your customers.

  • Benchmark product, services, brand, social media impact against your competitors.

  • Anticipate and respond to your competitor’s marketing strategies.

  • Save time when evaluating survey results.

  • and more…

How Primary Notes can help

We listen: We’ll go deep with you to understand your needs then identify appropriate data sources that will translate your business question into an analytics question. We’ll pull data from the web, social media, internal or from custom designed and crowd-sourced surveys.

We model: Using smart algorithms, machine learning and data visualization we will triangulate on multiple sources and analytics to find the value hidden in the data including customer emotions, preferences and sentiment.

We act: Validated insights in hand, you will change the way you create creative, model your marketing mix, and connect with your customers. Whether your goal is to identify new markets, make a product update, or strategically plan your creative, our Digital Market Intelligence will propel you forward.

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Demographic Research

Quantifying impact and potential.

Harness the power of demographic research and analysis to forecast long-term changes, segment your audiences and plan for what’s next.


Focusing on The People

No matter your field - marketing, education, public health, politics - demographic research and analysis drives at the heart of what is happening and what may happen with a population.

Why demography?

Exploring and understanding the causes and consequences of demographic change are essential to planning capital expenditures, aligning resources, identifying emerging threats and optimizing resources.

What we do

We examine the demographic trends associated with housing growth, births, migration, ethnicity, and other variables.

How Primary Notes can help

Primary Notes is uniquely capable of combining classical and modern methods of data collection, analysis and presentation for demographic research.

School enrollment forecasts: We go beyond what traditional firms will do to predict student enrollment by combining traditional methods of prediction (cohort survival method) with modern methods of data collection and mapping (e.g. social sensing, sentiment analysis) along with powerful data visualizations, to ensure both accurate forecasts and readable reports.

Market segmentation: Personalize your campaign through improved use of demographic and psychographic market segmentation.

We’ll use a variety of data collection and analytical techniques including surveys, interviews, geospacial / mapping analysis and more.

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Data Visualization

The functional art.

Apply your preattentive visual superpowers to your business through powerful data visualizations - all in less than 500 milliseconds.

Our goal is to intuitively guide users through our analysis and findings to answer their questions. We will ensure that your team is able to discover new patterns, identify key relationships, share ideas, and explore new possibilities.


Why is data viz is critical to your organization?

It’s the tip of the spear, the edge of the blade, it’s the business end of analytics. It is the moment at which your team and stakeholders sharpens their understanding of the research findings and make better decisions.

What are the benefits?

Elevated use of data visualization can have a transformative effect on your organization. More informative and meaningful reports, clearer and more compelling dashboards and visual communications to help you to advocate for change where needed.

How Primary Notes can help

We prototype: Projects begin with defining user stories, brainstorming, and prototyping. Prototypes are sketched, by hand, for rapid iteration.

We refine: Working in one week sprints, we will work with you to refine our prototypes, identify what’s working and what needs changing.

We finalize and launch: Brilliant dashboards and visualizations in hand, we will help you engage your team, your users and stakeholders, launch the visuals on your platform for the world to see.

Our Data Visualization Services:

  • Custom dashboard design, dashboard development, and data visualization reports

  • Data modeling and data discovery

  • Self-service Business Intelligence solutions (e.g. Tableau)

  • Reporting automation

  • Data visualization strategy and road mapping

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Custom data science solutions.


Research and analytical work, by nature, is custom. Each client’s needs are unique so solutions must be designed in a collaborative environment, tested, improved and finally, released.

Whether the goal is to develop new data-driven approaches, to build analytics teams from scratch, or to update existing analytics capabilities, Primary Notes has helped organizations like yours in countless sectors including marketing, healthcare, automakers, OEMs, retailers, government agencies, political campaigns, and more. We take real pride on being a committed and collaborative partners to our clients.

Our world-class multidisciplinary team brings a human centered approach to all of our engagements. This approach is especially well suited to take customized research and analysis to the next level.

How Primary Notes can help

We can deliver a variety of marketing analytical services including:

  • Data collection

  • Survey research

  • Marketing mix modeling

  • Mind measure driver analysis

  • POEM models

  • Markov Chain analysis and more.

Check out some of our use cases here.

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