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data Identification and discovery through VISUALIZATION

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Data Assessment, Planning and Prep

What can be done with your data? What data is freely available that can supplement it? We evaluate your data from top to bottom, completing a data inventory, quality evaluation and capability assessment to articulate your data’s strengths and weaknesses. We then hone in on the opportunities with a focus on answering your tough questions and meeting your analytics investment objectives.

Our holistic approach to data assessment assures that all data assets, internal and external, are included in your analytics.

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Advanced Analytics

Data that can be used for decision making is literally everywhere today. The data you create as part of your operations is critical for management and analytical insights but significantly more data, created by social media, online publications, news, government, your partners and your competitors, can be used for your strategic and operational decisions. We bring both your internal and external data together for analysis.

Our approach to advanced analytics is rooted in the fundamentals of teamwork, project management and innovation. Our mission is to staying focused on driving value by delivering insights, answering tough questions and helping to turn your team into a data driven one.

We bring analytical and industry expertise, creativity and passion for finding answers to our clients.

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Visual Analytics & Data Visualization

Visual Analytics and data visualization are the primary process people best absorb complex information and stories, explore data-sets and analysis, and communicate complex concepts. The human mind can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Clear data visualizations inspire action and are memorable to your audience.

Our capabilities to support your team with visual analytics and data visualization are broad. Our team is composed of visualization specialists, designers and artists, all of which thrive on the communicating the quantitative visually. We leverage preattentive attributes, all data types and color in creating charts, dashboards, and interactive visualizations for your team to work from and grow.

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On Call Analytics

With On Call Analytics, you’ll have access to our powerful brain trust of global analytics and tech expertise including our data scientists, data analysts, business translators and data visualization specialists.

Being able to get some help, advice or feedback when you need it is critical to most organizations and we offer an easy way to access our expertise.

On Call is available to all clients as part of an annual contract or as a follow on to any engagement.

Your Primary Notes On Call Team will be available to support your ad-hoc requests through consultation, analysis, and data visualization.


Tableau Consulting

Primary Notes can work with your team to create a robust Tableau based business intelligence solution that will modernize your operation through data discovery, visual analytics, dashboards and data visualization.

Whether you are new to Tableau or are a seasoned user, our experts can help guide you on the fast path to becoming data driven.

We help with Proof of Concept development and execution, Project Planning, Ad-hoc Visualization, Dashboard Development and Tableau Server installation.


Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make better decisions.