Supply Chain

Visibility and control through advanced analytics and visualization.

Management of your supply chain data is at the core of managing your success. We can help modernize your way of working by visually measuring supply chain performance including those of your partners, continually mine your data for insights and communicate across your organization to align goals and performance.


Supply Chain Analytics

Our Supply Chain Analytics Team can support you with basic data management (cleaning, transformation, etc.), probability (random variables, continuous and discrete distributions, measurement, etc.), statistics (sampling and inference, hypothesis testing, regression, etc.), simulation (Monte Carlo, discrete time period), and optimization (classic unconstrained, network models, and linear, integer and mixed linear programs). We will work with your every day operational data to keep management informed with end-to-end visibility.


Performance Management

Let us help you with your management of key performance indicators by carefully reviewing, collecting and preparing your data, setting up the calculations and creating the dashboards and data visualizations that can be shared across your team, management and other stakeholders.


On Call Expertise

Supply chains are dynamic and require constant response to changing events and circumstances. Our team will always be available to support in the process of performing ad hoc analysis on your structured or unstructured data utilizing any variety of modern analytical techniques.

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