Our Work

Crafting Data into a competitive advantage

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Lux Car Co.

This luxury hybrid car manufacturer saw a reduction in sales due to several negative reviews and needed insights to respond. We worked with their marketing and research teams and focused on answering questions about customer preferences and competitor positioning. We collected and used unstructured data from the web and social media to perform data and text mining, sentiment analysis and more.

>> See the full case study here.


Konica Minolta

We helped Konica Minolta understand the broader messaging and branding landscape for a new digital product they were preparing to launch.

The research included a market landscape, competitor analysis, and social sensing analysis using Twitter, Facebook and other publicly available data and text.


Tanj Branding

Tanj, the leading New York brand naming agency, hired Primary Notes to provide analytical support in both client and in house work including the development of this guide to Trump's Twitter usage.

By utilizing the Trump Twitter Archive, we were able to validate their hypotheses, identify unforeseen trends, and provide "truth and evidence" to drive their narrative and conclusions.

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State House Campaign

Our client challenged us to see how we could help the campaign addressing key financial, time and people-power constraints to claim victory in this competitive state house race.

Our approach was to focus on communications and operations. Our team was able to provide vital information that enabled the campaign to be clear on which issues are driving voters, which messages to test and a way to optimized the efforts of the canvassers.

Client: Major Hospital Network

Expertise: Spend Analysis

Summary: Evaluated the medical / surgical spend across a major hospital network to identify savings opportunities and performance.

Impact: Identified multiple product lines and vendors that could be leveraged for a savings of $36M in spend.

Client: Apparel Manufacturer and Marketer

Expertise: Text mining, database development, data visualization and dashboard development

Summary: Developed a tool that would be used by the marketing department of a major fitness apparel manufacturer designed to show them the language they have historically used for all product categories for their entire company history.

Impact: Enabled the brand leaders to quickly mine their historical use of language to help shape their future marketing strategy and campaigns.

Client: Consulting Firm

Expertise: Data acquisition and text mining

Summary: Assessed the hiring market for data science and analytics talent for a major consulting firm. Identified which skills and experience are most in demand as well as which companies and cities were implementing data science and analytics initiatives.

Impact: The firm was better able to define their priorities based on what the market was asking for, in their own words.

Client: International Foundation

Expertise: Data acquisition and text mining

Summary: Performed market research for a major donor organization by surveying the stakeholder landscape and better understand their strategic priorities, identify shared activities as well as emerging opportunities.

Impact: The donor was able to better define strategic priorities and better advocate for resources in a highly resource constrained environment.

Client:  Property Management Company

Expertise: Statistical Analysis & Data Visualization

Summary: Complaints by tenants and concerns about growing crime were affecting sales and potentially would impact longer term investment strategies so we were asked to assess crime in Washington DC by neighborhood, seasonality, time of day and crime type. Trend analysis were used along with social media data to better understand community sentiment and likely trends.

Impact: Data where shared with the tenants, community and the local police which resulted in a shared understanding of the facts as well as improved prediction for where crime would be more likely and when.

Client: Government Agency

Expertise: Data Visualization & Dashboard Development

Summary: Created data visualizations and dashboards for a government agency to identify root causes in supply chain performance and track activity across multiple product groups and spend categories.  

Impact: Enabled the team to improve on key performance indicators such as On Time Delivery and On Time in Full.